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We are really excited about the New Z15 to be released set loose on to the competition this spring.

Get into it!

Zuck bikes have the ability to compete with the highest levels of competition, these bikes possess ride quality and performance of bikes with price tags twice their amount.
Get into it and get on a Zuck bike for a ride to remember!

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Our Story

Our vision with our bicycle line is to strive to promote the sport of cycling by having the most cutting edge racing bicycles in the world.

Our mission is engineering excellence coupled with the latest designs, the most stylish aesthetics, functional and high performance products all this aimed toward realizing our dream of a richer culture and healthier lifestyle.

Zuck bikes have been created by a team who know what it takes to do well. They’ve felt the pain and handled the pressure of elite competition on the European, and commonwealth stage. They know there’s only one winner at the end of a race. They’ve experienced intensive training without the reward of victory and yet it’s the involvement and the thrill of the race that keeps them focused. Our team has determination and intimate race savvy that comes from experience and intuition that is second to none.

"our dream of a richer culture and healthier lifestyle"

Don Zuck is a former member of the Canadian National Road Team with European campaigns racing in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and North America. The list includes Race leader tour of Gaspé, Best Canadian Tour of Québec, and Ontario Road Champion.

A Journeyman Senior 1 racer for over thirty years, Zuck has raced against some of the best. A rider who has become a well respected man for his sportsmanship, race tactics and longevity.

Throughout his racing career his personal traits have defined Don Zuck. A tenacious perseverance to get the job done and a love for the sport of cycling.

Regards Don Zuck

New Models

New Z15 Racing Bike
Check out the details
New T3 Time Trial Bike
Check out the details


Tour De Hans

Julia Bradley 1st. Place Womens 100km - Average Speed 40.89km/h @ 2h:26m:43s

...More InfoRR­ Julia Bradley Podiums

Heath's Fondo

...More InfoRR­

Bay of Quinte Road Race

Marc Polsinelli 1st Place(8th Overall) Mens 50+

Greg Cushing 2nd Place Mens 50+

...More InfoRR­ Marc & Greg

Blue Mountain Centurion

Jacques Rusinek 1st Place(4th Overall) C50 Mens 45-49 85 km - Average Speed 36.3 km/h 2h:23m:34s

Mark Berger 1st Place(14th Overall) C100 Mens 50-54 172 km - Average Speed 37.2 km/h 4h:39m:59.4s

...More InfoRR­ JoJo Rusinek

Pedalinx Team Zuck

Bicycle Racing in Ontario

2014 Zuck bikes we have put together "Pedalinx Team Zuck". Top Ontario masters riding Zuck Bikes this season including... more info


Z-Team racing apparel

2012 We will have cycling jerseys available... Z-Team2011TeamKit
more info coming soon


Qualified bike shops

For a close up in person with our bikes checkout the Find a Dealer page and contact them for hours of operation.

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